17 Thoughts on Scribble

  • Scribble is a documentation tool, but I don’t think we should limit our tools to their intended scope of operation.

  • Sometimes its documentation can be confusing, because parts of it, for example, is written in Racket syntax, rather than Scribble syntax. This requires syntax translation, and may not be up everyone’s alley.

  • Being able to write human language in a programming language without having to surround everything in quotation marks is really nice.

  • Scribble felt less confusing than LaTeX, and more expressive than Markdown.

  • Scribble automates the tedious parts of documentation, but allows us to thrive in the parts of documentation that cannot be automated. This allows us to focus on the documentation.

  • Scribble’s naming conventions for procedures are intuitive and reasonably easy to remember.

  • Scribble is not perfect, but it’s fun and expressive, and promotes exploration.