18 Acknowledgements

I want to thank:

  • Andrew Johnston for giving me the chance to do public speaking for the first time.

  • Shopify for hosting this Meetup.

  • insom for hosting the Mastodon instance that I’m on daily. I’ve connected with so many people, including you, who have posted so many cool computer-related things that I have learned from.

  • archangelic for making so many cool bots. They were a huge inspiration for me programming-wise.

  • selfsame for making screenshots, gifs, videos, and live streams of your programming shenanigans. They are what really got me into programming and Lisp.

  • vilmibm for fostering such a kind, welcoming, and inclusive online community, all inside of a little Unix computer called tilde.town. I’ve learned so much about the command line and computers from hanging out there.

  • Terian Koscik for letting me reference your awesome workshops. I really enjoy your writing style and tone.

  • Racket contributors for such (a) beautiful language(s).

  • Greg Hendershott for having created amazing things in Racket for me to reference. You don’t know me, but thank you.

  • Christine Lemmer Webber for posting so many cool Racket project screenshots, videos, and insights to Mastodon. You’re a huge motivator to me.