4 Racket is special

Note 1: Not all "hash tag languages" and tools can mix, depending on if they are a subset or superset of a language.

Note 2: Sometimes they may not be a subset or superset of a language, because they are completely independent.

Note 3: Yes, I just made up the term "hash tag language".

Racket is special, because:

  • It was designed with education in mind, but is still very practical, and has a lot modules and libraries to choose from

  • It comes with a programming and debugging environment, DrRacket, for novice and expert users

  • It comes with its own Documentation tool (I wonder what that is?)

  • You can mix "hash tag languages" with tools made for other Racket-derived programming languages

  • You can change its syntax

  • It’s kind of like the Python of the Lisp world—Christopher Lemmer Webber also seems to think something similar